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Above: Caryatid. Van der Loo family, American, 1930, cast stone, gilt, polychrome.

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Faces of Hearst Castle

Faces of Hearst Castle
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Advance Praise for Faces of Hearst Castle (pdf)

Faces of Hearst Castle by Jana Seely and Keri Collins contributes significantly to appreciating and understanding William Randolph Hearst’s life-long passion for collecting art work around the world. Its focus is sharp; its insight clear; its commentary illuminating.

“This exquisite book captures the complex profile of William Randolph Hearst and is a compelling reason to return to The Hearst Castle again and again.”

Dr. Ben Procter, author of William Randolph Hearst: The Early Years, 1863-1910 and William Randolph Hearst: The Later Years, 1911-1951


“The magnificent photographs assembled in Faces of Hearst Castle remind us that William Randolph Hearst, among his many other accomplishments, was a superb collector in dozens of fields.”

Dr. David Nasaw, author of The Chief: The Life of William Randolph Hearst, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Professor of American History, City University of New York Graduate Center


“William Randolph Hearst’s art collections at San Simeon reflect the enormous appetite and energy that he brought to all his endeavors. An indefatigable traveler and shopper, he gathered historic fine art, decorative objects, household furnishings and architectural elements around the world. His artistic legacy is fascinating, but its breadth can be difficult to fathom. Faces of Hearst Castle offers a sharply focused, accessible approach through faces of people and animals represented in the artworks and brief texts about their significance. It’s a telling selection that encompasses mythical, symbolic and religious characters as well as the larger-than-life collector.”

Suzanne Muchnic, Los Angeles Times Art Writer


“A delightfully heady introduction to the dazzling diverse collections of Hearst Castle. The varied visages are visually stimulating ranging from the Virgin Mary to the visionary Mr. Hearst himself. From masterpieces of fine art to mundane details of the decorative arts—wherever you look—the eyes have it.”

Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman, Forbes; Board of Directors, National Jewelry Institute at the Forbes Galleries


Faces of Hearst Castle sparkles with intelligence, beauty, and playfulness. It informs, instructs, delights, and at its best inspires. This is publishing at its best.”

Malcolm Margolin, Founder and Publisher, Heyday Books


“From Etruscan to Art Deco, the faces of art collected by William Randolph Hearst gaze from their niches on the Enchanted Hill – and none more compellingly than that of the Chief himself, painted at age thirty-one by his good friend Orrin Peck. Through eyes as blue as the nearby Pacific, the young publisher regards the American future he will so strongly influence and the Spanish Castle that would express for him the dreams of a lifetime.”

Dr. Kevin Starr, University Professor University of Southern California, California State Librarian Emeritus, and author of California: A History



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